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Get ready for some fun! Looking for 15 hard working women!

Our 6 Week Challenge is not a typical challenge. We have created a proven recipe that will meet your needs! Our transformation targeted programs have been built and improved upon year over year to give you the best results!

Whether you are a busy parent, full time student, college athlete, or retired we know that you ARE READY to get back to the healthy lifestyle. We have developed the LARGEST GROUP CLASS SCHEDULE IN THE BAY AREA so that no matter how busy you are, you will have time for us. The Challenge is specifically designed to meet your needs and get the body you want again!

Hundreds of satisfied members have participated and thrived in these challenges throughout the years, BUT we are not taking anyone! Please make sure you qualify for this challenge:

  1. You must be at least 18 years old.

  2. You can commit to the 6 week program.

  3. You have a great attitude and you are a positive person.

  4. You are looking for improvement with your health.

  5. You are coachable and open to instructions.

  6. You are willing to do an interview (All Applicants must be met in person before they're considered).

There are many different challenges out there, but there is a reason we have continued to grow to so many locations over the years...

Our programs have been designed to not allow your body to plateau (a problem many people face and don't know how to overcome!). Each of our workouts are different than the previous one, keeping you motivated and learning new skills! 

Normal gyms are hard to stay motivated in, and you find yourself wandering and without guidance. With Smash Gyms we have an instructor guiding your every movement in a fun and challenging format!

Choose a time slot below that works for your interview. If you have any questions please text 4082167881 or email

Noel lost over 60lbs while training at Smash! Amazing!

*Results not typical*

“One day my cousin Desiree told me about Smash gyms, and started up training again. At this point I was a little over 200lbs of partially fat and muscle. After meeting my coach Brian, he sparked my interest. I wanted to weigh around 145lbs. That was a goal that no one, even myself thought I could make. However with tons of hard work and staying consistent on a balanced, healthy diet, I continued to take other classes Smash gyms had to offer such as kettle bells, strength and conditioning, bootcamp classes and yoga classes. After 8 months I finally reached my goal and weighed in at 143lbs!”- Noel

Join the movement! We are only looking for people who are interested in seeing results and are serious about improving their lifestyles!

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